Service Logistics and Repair 

End-to-end service logistics, reverse logistics and repair to maximize efficiency, 省钱, 和减少停机时间 

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Standard parts management and logistics are well-trodden territory for most organizations. 对许多公司, 虽然, when the need arises for parts, 返回, 和仓库服务, reverse logistics management is not nearly as simple. 

Reverse logistics software and depot repair in action 

斯宾塞的技术 deploys field service, spare part and reverse logistics solutions to deliver exceptional service for retailers - efficiently managing the return and repair of assets. 


100% visibility with service parts management software 

Inventory represents an essential yet costly component of service operations. To achieve optimum performance while keeping costs low, organizations must carefully balance stock levels, 位置, 备件, 服务水平及其他. 

Reverse logistics 降低成本 and repair turnaround time 

请客户, 降低成本, shorten repair turnarounds, 和提高效率, 你的业务, 客户, and third-party repair vendors need to effectively manage and track items and receive alerts during the often complex repair process.


Managing 返回 is complex yet potentially profitable 

For happier 客户 and greater 盈利能力, you need high quality return processes and third-party servicing – from return material authorizations (RMA) to routing, 接收, 修复, 翻新, 保证, 包装, 航运和计费. 


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